How do you calculate the cost of a gutter cleaning?

We calculate the price of the cleaning using a couple of pieces of information about the home. We need to know the square footage of the home, if the home has gutter guards or screens, and the county that the home is located in so we know if there are any local discounts available.

Do I need to be home when the cleaning is done on my home?

It is always up to the homeowner if they prefer to be home when the work is done. However, we only work on the outside of your home so there is no need for anyone to be home at the time of service.

Do you use water to clean my gutters?

In most cases the answer is “no”. We use powerful backpack leaf blowers that let us blow all debris from the gutters and downspouts. If there are any clogs in the downspouts we will take the downspout apart and clean by hand.

When is payment due?

If you have pre-purchased a coupon for the gutter cleaning, the voucher is due at the time of service. If you are paying for the service when it is completed the payment can be taken the day of the service or we can email an invoice and you have a 10 day period to make payment.

Do you guarantee your work?

We offer a 30 day warranty with any gutter cleaning service. This gives a homeowner plenty of time after the service to make sure all gutters are working properly. We offer between a 45 day and 1 year warranty on any repairs we do while we are at your home, depending on the type of repair.

What repairs do you offer?

Although we are not a full service roofing company we do offer a wide variety of roof repairs to our customers. Typical repairs range from replacing vent boots to replacing shingles. We also offer sealing and securing of gutters as well as downspouts. We have a certified roofer leading all of our 2 -3 man teams that take care of our services.

How do I schedule service?

You can request a service by email, or call by phone. We schedule a service date when you call however we can not provide a time window until the day of service. We do scheduling this way to maximize the amount of work we can do on a given service date so that we can continue to provide the most affordable pricing on gutter cleaning of any licensed and insured gutter cleaning company in the Atlanta area. We try to schedule a service time the day before service. Please keep in mind that it is an estimated time and we can not guarantee a service window at any time. We try to be flexible with scheduling, however, some jobs may take 15- 30 minutes while others may take 2 hours. This makes it impossible to schedule and guarantee an exact time or even time window.

Why are the gutters pulling away from my house?

Over time the changing of seasons can cause holes where the nails are placed to expand causing the gutters to sag and pull away from the home, as well as rotting of facia (wood that the gutter is attached to). In most cases the gutter can be secured using hidden hangers that will permanently fix the problem.

Why do you charge more if my home has gutter guards or screens?

We work hard to provide the best prices possible however there are some factors that must be considered when pricing a job. If the home has guards that need to be removed, screens that need to be flipped over, or in some cases removed there is additional time and work involved. This means we need to charge more for these homes than a home without screens or guards.

While you are on the roof can you….?

A lot of our customers have other miscellaneous jobs that they want us to do while we are on the roof that we are able to help with. We are happy to clean skylights, change flood lights, remove a satellite dish or antenna, or remove Christmas lights, however as this is additional work and does take additional time, we will need to charge you for these additional services. Although the charge is minimal this helps us to keep our prices down for our basic gutter cleaning service. If you have something in mind that is not listed here, please feel free to ask us!